The devastating earthquake in 2015 damaged the Manaslu Circuit trek. Such a massive natural calamity impacted the geography and tribal people. However, with the years gone by the trekking in the Manaslu region is flowing better than ever. Trekkers from all over the world discover the fascinating trekking route of Manaslu trek. September to November is the peak season for the Manaslu circuit trek.

Similarly, February to April is the other primary season for Manaslu trek. Manaslu Circuit trek closely resembles with the Annapurna Circuit trek due to its altitude and genetic geography. Trekking in the Manaslu region strengths with a great package of mountains, hills, wildlife, lakes, floras, and hostile locals. Thus, a great trekking destination to accomplish the dream to inhale the majesty of Himalayas.

The situation is normal, and the Manaslu trek is very safe to travel after an earthquake. We can manage Manaslu trek for all trekkers from individuals to multiple trekkers. Thus, you can discover the beauty of Manaslu trek with the glorious Himalayas and beautiful Tsum valley.

We invite all the trek enthusiasts to experience the spectacular scenes of the Himalayas in the Manaslu region. Hence, it’s safe to travel after an earthquake than ever.

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Is Manaslu safe to travel after an earthquake?
We invite all the trek enthusiasts to Experience the spectacular scenes of the Himlayan in Manaslu region. It is safer to travel after an Earthquake.
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Manaslu trek