We are a group of experienced professionals who bond together in the field of the trekking industry. Moreover, we are a legally establish name in the field of tour and trek industry under the Nepal Government act. As our domain manaslutrek.com suggest the Manaslu trek, so we mainly emphasis on Manaslu region. However, we conduct travel and tour through our sister organizations throughout Nepal. Our years of experience in trekking have made us the most trusted and preferred name among travelers. We have spent most of our glorious days in Nepalese Himalayas. Our outcome is the result of such a profound experience. We have professional staff, porters, guides, customer representatives to fulfill your dreams.

Thus, accomplishing the Manaslu region with us offers a lifelong experience of high Himalayas in Nepal.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek Nepal
we are group of experienced professional bonded together in the field of the trekking industry. we are legally established name in the field of tour.
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Manaslu trek